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Installing a new toilet seat is an easy job which can be performed within two minutes. You just have to set the seat in place and tighten the nuts. On the other hand, replacing a toilet seat is more frustrating and sometimes a hard job to be done.  Now a day, you can find plastic nuts and bolts in the market and removal of toilet seat won’t be much of a problem as metal nuts and bolts. In this article we will know why is removal of toilet seat being so complex and why are the nuts and bolts being so stubborn?  Most importantly, we will know how to remove toilet seat easily and comfortably.


New Toilet Seat

Why are the Nuts and Bolts being so stubborn?

When you installed your new toilet seat and tightened the nuts and bolts, was a two minute job. But after several years when you want remove the toilet seat and replace it with new one, it become stubborn. The main reason behind this is humidity and lack of ventilation. You may have to clean the toilet regularly. Water in the nuts and bolts makes the corrosion faster. Only because of this toilet nuts and bolts become corroded and being stubborn. You can remove those nuts bolts through different way.

How to remove Toilet Seat

If the nuts and bolts didn’t get stubborn, removal of toilet seat is an easier job. When you want to remove a toilet seat you will need these following things.

New Toilet seat
Ruler or measuring tape
a larger Screwdriver
Pliers or deep well Socket
Penetrating Oil (optional)

You can remove your toilet seat with three easy methods, where two steps are can help you immediately and third one is the precautions.

Method 1: General way to remove toilet seat

Step 1: Open bolt caps: If your old toilet seat has bolt caps, you have to open those caps to find out bolts. You will find these at the back of the seat. Some toilet may not have the bolt caps or plastic cover.  If your toilet seat doesn’t have any bolt caps then go forward with the next step. If does, open them with your finger or a screwdriver by prying upwards.

Note: Use light pressure to open the bolt covers. Too much pressure can break them.

Step 2:  Unscrew the nuts and bolts:  You will find a nut underneath of the toilet bowl where the bolt ends. Use your hand to grip the nut and put your screwdriver into the bolt head. After that, turn the screwdriver counterclockwise to unscrew the bolt. Most of the times you will need to grip the nut with pliers or deep well socket.

Note: You should use the largest size of screwdriver to unscrew the bolts.

Step 3: Remove the toilet seat

After unscrewing the nuts and bolts collect them and put them in a sealable bag. Also collect the bolt caps and other metal hardware for further purpose.  Now your toilet is removed and you can install a new toilet seat.


Remove toilet seat

Method 2: Remove stubborn toilet seat

Step 1: Use penetrating oil to remove toilet seat

If the nuts and bolts get stubborn, you can use penetrating oil. WD40 is a great penetrating oil to revitalize rusted metal parts. Lubricate the nuts and bolts, so you can easily remove them and wait at least 10 minute. Give this time so the penetrating oil can seep into nuts and bolts and break the corrosion. You make penetrating oil instead you don’t have this. This solution is mix up with 90% vegetable oil and 10% acetone. Now inset your screwdriver and hold the nut with a socket wrench and turn the bolts counterclockwise.

Step 2: Use Socket Wrench to lose the nuts and bolts

Most of time you can directly fit your socket wrench onto the nuts and most some toilets are designed to use socket wrench in the time of toilet seat removal. Now put the socket onto the nuts and turn it to the counterclockwise. This will make the nut loose. If the nut doesn’t loosen, apply more pressure on the wrench until loosen and do this several times.

Note: If the bolts are loosen then insert a screwdriver onto the bolts and try once.

Method 3: Maintaining toilet seat

Maintaining you toilet is nothing but precautions to avoid removal toilet seat difficulties. You need to clean the seat and its hardware regularly. At the top of the article we knew how the nuts and bolts of the toilet seat get stubborn. By cleaning up the toilet we can reduce the corrosion and degradation.
Besides, we can use rubber bushing to tight the nuts.

You can buy those rubber bushes at your local market or hardware store. This product also named as toilet seat fastening or Fastening Kit.

If you want to prevent the toilet seat from sliding around, you can use clear silicone to the nuts and bolts area.

  • You can add a seat stabilizer to lose toilet seat.
  • Over usage can make anything damage before time. You should check all the parts regularly and replace with new one if necessary. Nuts, bolts, plastic caps or other material can be damaged or cracked anytime. Without any delay replace those and make the toilet comfort.

There are other ways to remove toilet seat. You can cut the unmoving hardware with a hacksaw or you can drill the resistant bolts. But these ways should be taken instead you failed at other ways. If the necessary elements are out of hands, I prefer to call a plumber.

If any strategies don’t work for you then you should go for lubricant oil method to remove toilet seat. Yes of course, you can loosen the nuts and bolts using propane torch.

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