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People always have an interest in how to prevent poop from sticking to the toilet bowl to keep the restroom clean. Many people wonder that because keeping the toilet bowl clean is a very important factor to stay healthy. If the toilet isn’t cleaned properly, you’ll create a condition that allows bacteria inadvertently to harm yourself and your family members as the toilet bowl contains myriad bacterial pathogens. That’s why you should always keep the toilet bowl clean. But you know what, this is not easy sometimes. Most of the time, the poop sticks to the toilet bowl and it’s hard to clean.

But don’t worry; we wrote this article to help you out in this case. This guide will help you to find out some easy solutions to prevent poop from sticking to the toilet bowl. Let’s get started-

How to Prevent Poop from Sticking to Toilet Bowl:

To prevent poop from sticking to the toilet bowl, follow these tips given below. Also remember that you should pay more attention to keep the toilet clean, always!

  1. Pumice Stone:


Use Pumice Stones

You can prevent the poop from sticking to toilet bowl by bleaching the toilet bowl with a pumice stone. This is very simple to bleach with a pumice stone. Go to your nearest sanitary shop or grocery shop and get a lump of stone to be ready to fly away from the yellow stain.

To use the stone, wet a portion of the pumice stone and use that wetted part and rub it against the stain of the toilet. You’ll find a loud noise while rubbing but don’t worry; the yellow stains will be removed completely and your toilet will restore the glossy white surface which won’t let the poop stick to the toilet bowl. Do it after several days when you notice the yellow stain again. This process will help you completely to prevent the poop sticking.

  1. Coca Cola:


Use Coca-Cola

It may seem weird but it’s a working method. You can use coca-cola and bleach with it to prevent poop from sticking to the toilet bowl. Before stating bleaching, turn off the water source to the toilet and wait for discharge. Then apply coca-cola to the toilet surface. It’ll be better if you do it in the evening and keep the coca-cola overnight so that it can soften the stain. The carbonic acid of the coca-cola will soften the yellow stain from the toilet overnight and you can then easily remove it with a scrub or brush. After that, turn on the waterline and flush the toilet. You’ll get a clean and glossy surface which won’t let the poop stick to the toilet bowl. You can also use toilet cleaner instead of coca-cola. But in some cases, coca-cola performs better than the regular toilet cleaner.

  1. Flush Water:

Use Flush Regularly

When your toilet is not clean and contains yellow stains, the poop sticks to the bowl usually. But if you need to use the toilet in that condition without letting the poop sticking to the bowl, you can apply a simple but great method. Yes, just flush the toilet just before you start using the toilet. The water flow won’t let the poop sticking to the bowl. This is quite simple tricks but highly effective.

If you’re facing any problem with your flush button and want to fix this, then follow >> How to Fix Toilet Flush Button


We mentioned 3 common and easy tricks to prevent poop from sticking to toilet bowl. You may follow those. But the best way is to keep the toilet bowl clean always. Clean your toilet regularly and we hope you won’t face poop sticking problem anymore.

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