How to Measure Toilet Seat | Easy Toilet Seat Measurement

You can buy toilet seats for many reasons; but before buying toilet seats, you must know how to measure toilet seats. There are different types, different models of toilet seats in the market. You have to buy the exact toilet seat you want to replace or install. Here, in this article, I will help you to measure toilet seat easily.

Types of Toilet seats

There are mainly two types of toilet seats.
1. Round Toilet seat (16.5 inches)
2. Elongated Toilet seat (18.5 inches)


Types of toilet seats

Round toilet seat commonly known as the dimension of 16.5 inches and elongated toilet seat dimension is around 18.5 inches. Besides there more different types of toilet seat in the market.

  • Open Front Toilet Seat
    This open front toilet seat looks like U and mostly used in public restrooms. There is different opinion about the U shape toilet seat. Some people think this is a safeguard from spreading disease. Though there is no chance to touch the genitals.
  • Raised Toilet Seats
    this raised toilet seat is specially designed for people who had back trouble or recently faced a surgery. You can increase the height of the bowl by your own choice and this will help you get up.
  • Children’s Toilet seats
    This toilet seat is specially designed for children but both the adult and children can use this comfortably. There is an extra layer of seat for toddler children where they can feel comfortable and no chance to go underneath. The child seat layer can be removed easily when this is no longer needed.

How to measure toilet seat

  • Generally, Toilet seat attaches to the bowl where you will find two bolts. You have to measure the distance between them to find the best toilet seat. The US people mentioned that the standard measurement size for toilet seat bolts is 5.5 inches.
  • Now you have to measure its widest point from the bowl. When you measure the width, Use a measuring tape on the outside of the brim. This will make sure the accurate dimension.
  • Last part is measuring the length where you have to hold the measuring tape at the middle of two bolts and stretch it to the center front of the bowl. If you want to buy a round bowl toilet seat, the dimension should be 16.5 inches. If you are looking for an elongated one then the dimension should be around 18-18.5 inches.

Measuring the accurate toilet seat is really important and unavoidable work. By following the steps mentioned above will help you to measure toilet seats.

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