How to Install a Toilet Seat | Easy Toilet Seat Replacement

You may need to change the toilet seat for various reasons. The toilet seat can be cracked, dinged or worn out or you may want to replace the toilet seat with a new style or want to decorate with a new one. Whatever the reason, installing a new toilet seat is an easier job and you don’t need to hire a plumber. With some general knowledge and equipment, anyone can install a toilet seat in a quick method. To know how to install a toilet seat, please go forward with these following steps.

Toilet Seat Replacement > How to replace a toilet seat

If the nuts and bolts didn’t get stubborn, removal of toilet seat is an easier job. When you want to remove a toilet seat you will need these following things.


Install a new toilet seat

Tools Requirement for installing a new toilet seat

  • A new toilet seat
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • A larger Screwdriver
  • Pliers or deep well Socket
  • Penetrating Oil (optional)

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How to install a toilet seat through 4 easy steps

You can install a toilet seat within 30 minutes. Sometimes it takes more or less time depends on how much stubborn the nuts and bolts are? The reason behind nuts and bolts getting stubborn is humidity and ventilation.  If you face any difficulties during removing the nuts and bolts then follow know how to remove toilet seat with some easy procedure. Now follow the following steps to install a new toilet seat.

Step 1: Measure the toilet seat

Toilet seat can round or elongated. Find out your old toilet seat shape or the bowl shape to install a new toilet seat. If you can’t recognize the shape of toilet seat in open eyes, then you have to measure the size of the toilet seat according to its standard. Two bolts are holding the seat in place. Measure the distance between those bolts (the standard size is 5.5).  Alongside you have to measure the length and width of the bowl through the tape. Round toilet seat measurement should be 16.5 inches and elongated toilet seat size should be 18-18.5 inches.
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Step 2: Buy a new toilet seat

Now buy a new toilet seat according to the measurement. As I already mentioned, there are different types and shapes of toilet seats available in the market. You can’t replace the toilet seat without proper measurements and dimensions. So, you just have to buy the exact one and replace the toilet seat with new one.

Step 3: Remove the old toilet seat

At the back end, two bolts are holding toilet seat in place. Unscrew them by the use of screwdriver and pliers. Hold the nut with a pair of pliers in the underneath and turn the bolt head with a screwdriver. If you find any plastic cap covering the bolts, you will need to pop open.


Remove toilet seat

Step 4: Installing new toilet seat

When you removed the old toilet seat, go forward with the next step through installing the new one. In the new toilet seat box you must find two nuts and bolts. Now you have to place the new toilet seat where the old seat was located.

After that, drop the bolts through the holes and tighten the bolt with a nut using screwdriver and pliers. If you find any plastic cap covering the bolt then use this also. At the underneath of the bowl, you can see the bolt end.  Turn the nut clockwise on to the bolt and tighten it as long as you can through the hand. If you want a bit further then use screwdriver, wrench or Pliers on demand.

Follow these easy steps to confidently and install a new toilet seat comfortably for your bathroom. Please keep your toilet clean regularly. Avoid germs and lead a healthy life.

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