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If you face flush problem in your toilet, then it may cause you great trouble. It can make the whole toilet system down. So, it’s a quick job to fix as soon as possible. Today, we’ll discuss how to fix toilet flush button.

How to Fix Toilet Flush Button | Step by Step

Actually, you can do this job in two ways. You can either fix the flusher or change the flush button of the toilet. In this article, we will talk about both meth methods. So, let’s start-

Method 01- How to Fix a Flusher of a Toilet:

If the flush button of the toilet doesn’t work then your toilet has the flusher problem. You have to fix the flusher. There are mainly 2 top-flush models are available in standard-flush model and water-saving model. The models are operated by a pushing button or a pulling rod on the top of the tank. Both of these operations activate the flush mechanism and if the toilet doesn’t flush then most probably there is a problem with the flush mechanism. You can diagnose the problem with a simple troubleshooting procedure. You can fix the flusher easily by replacing a part of the toilet based on the brand, in most cases. Let’s discuss about the procedures-

Button Flush:

-First of all, lift off the cover of the tank and balance it on the edge of the toilet’s tank. Now, look at the flush mechanism. Look at the mechanism consisting of the button assembly. The button assembly should have a rod extending at the underside of the cover. You’ll also find a lever that fits onto the end of that rod. If you find the lever broken, simply pull the lever off. Now, pull off the hose which is connected at a side and go and get a new lever and replace the lever.

-Secondly, if the lever is okay, then it’s time to check the button mechanism. To check, push the button several times and notice if the rod pushes of not each time. If the rod doesn’t push each time, then pull off the lever and drop that into the water tank of the toilet. Get a screwdriver and unscrew the nuts that secure the button mechanism at the underside of the top and remove it. You may use adjustable pliers. Now get a new button mechanism and replace the old one with the new one.

-If the rod pushes each time when you push the button then it seems okay and you should now check the flush valve. Get an ice cream stick and insert it at the end of an artist’s paintbrush handle onto the port on the top of the flush valve where the rod is fitted. Now push down to flush and notice the toilet. If the toilet doesn’t flush, then install a new flush valve. It’s easy but if you still feel unworthy then you may enlist a plumber.




  • Remove the knob from the end of the rod by unscrewing that goes through the tank cover’s top side. Now, spray lubricant on the rubber grommet which keeps the system sealed. Spray it where the rod goes into the hole.
  • Now, push down the on the end of the rod and take the tank cover off. If necessary, use vice grip and lift up the cover enough to grip the rod. Do it underside of the cover. Now, take the rod out of the grommet and set the tank cover aside.
  • After that, fit the vice grip onto that rod. Now, rotate it a bit several times each way as you pull upward. Mineral deposits can be built up in some cases that prevent the rod from pulling upward. Clean the mineral deposits and if the toilet flushes then, reattach the cover of the tank in reverse order and secure it by screwing the knob. And unfortunately, if the toilet doesn’t flush, then get a new flush valve or mechanism (which is broken) and replace it. You can call a plumber if you find it a hard task.

Method 02- How to Change a Flush Button of a Toilet:

If the flush button of your toilet needs to be changed, then follow these instructions step by step. It’s too easy as changing a Syphon. So, let’s have a look at how to do what to make this job done!

Removing the Old Push Button:

Turn off Water Supply:

First of all to this job perfectly, turn off the water supply. Make sure that the water supply is completely down and no water will appear during repairing the toilet. You may install an isolation valve temporarily to make it sure.

Disconnect the Push Button:

After turning off the water supply, remove the cistern lid. Then take off the linkage at the back of your toilet. Take the old button from the lid by unscrewing it. You can unscrew it by hand as because most of the toilets have a large plastic nut. Once you loosen and take off the lid, it’s time to step on the next step.

Drain the Water:

Before touching the mechanism of the flushing system, drain all the water from the cistern. Once you drained out all the water from the cistern, remove the screws that are securing it with the wall. You’ll find them under the cistern and they are attached to the toilet bowl. Now lift the cistern off and don’t forget to keep all the nuts and screws in a safe place because you’ll need them later. You may notice a little bit of water flowing from the cold water feed. It’s nothing to worry about because the flows as you disconnect the pipe. Wipe out the water with a towel and shut the toilet lid. Put a towel on it so that you can lay it on its back and work on when you remove the cistern. Now, simply turn the unit upside down and pour that down to your toilet bowl.

Remove Old System:

Once you have done all those, it’s time to remove the old system. You have the empty cistern now. Take the bolts of the bottom of your unit and peel off the donut off as well. Keep that aside. Now get a big grip set and unscrew and remove the plastic nut. After that, take off the metal clamp. Keep all parts of the system safe because you’ll need them while reassembling. Also note that, your old donut can be used again depending on the condition.

Installing the Old Push Button:

Fit the New System:

When you unpacked all the parts, it’s time to set up the new part(s) to the system to finish the job. Fit the new system inside the cistern. Then pup the metal clamp back. Screw back on the plastic nut and tighten it.

Re-Fit the Cistern:

Now, get the cistern back onto the bowl of the toilet. Be careful and make sure you line up everything and get the bolts back in place through the screw holes. Pop the wing-nuts back and tighten up them too and secure the cistern to the wall by screwing up. Finally, re-attach the cold water feed and tighten the pipe up. You’re done primarily.

Test the Toilet Flush:

So, when you are done changing the system, it’s time to check if the system works well or not! Turn the water supply on and make sure that everything is working perfectly. Everything should be working fine if you do all the steps perfectly. Don’t forget to check if there is any leak. If you find, seal it. Make sure that the cistern is filling up and flushing properly.

Install the Push Button:

If all the system is okay, then it’s the time to attach the flush button. Attach the button and push it several times to make sure it’s working perfectly. It’s a pretty straight forward procedure and an easy task. Finally, clip the wire into the underside of the flush button, get the cistern back on and you’re all set to go!


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Actually, we have discussed the common issues of the flush button problem. Most of the flush button problems of the toilet can be fixed by following those steps described above. If you can’t identify the flush button of your toilet, then we’d like to recommend a plumber to fix your flush button as because you may increase the trouble if you can’t identify the problem at all.

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