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The toilet is one of the most important things that we have to use daily and we can’t even think a day without it. But it may cause great trouble if the toilet leaks. A toilet leaking is a serious and worse problem and you should fix it as soon as possible. Because a leaky toilet costs you more!

Actually, a toilet may leak for several reasons. And the key to fix is the finding the leaking cause(s) first. Once you determined the cause, you can then easily fix that. In this article, we discussed about some basic leaking causes and their solutions. You can follow this article to fix your leaky toilet.



Basic Causes & Solutions of Leaky Toilet:

Some basic causes and solutions of a leaky toilet are given below. You’ll find the common problems and their solutions here-

  1. How to Fix a Leaky Toilet:

The most common and primary cause of a leaky toilet is the problem of the flush valve. In order to fix a leaky toilet, you need to determine the problem of the flush valve first.

  • First of all, lock the pipeline into the toilet to avoid any unwanted situation. You need to lock the supply pipe to the toilet for this before checking. Then squeeze to remove the water from the water tank. This process helps the water not to flow while repairing into the tank.
  • Next, Check the flush for if it’s working properly or not. The flush valve is a piece of round rubber that prevents water from flowing into the toilet from the tank. When the toilet is flushed, a chain pulls the rubber cover up and clean water gets into the tank. If it doesn’t operate properly, the water flows. This is a common cause of toilet leaking. Reinstall the valve or replace it if it’s needed.
  • After that, it’s time to observe the inside of the toilet. Open the toilet lid by securing the porcelain lid with your two hands and lift it up. Now place the lid on a pre-lined towel in order to avoid a collision. The lid is usually heavy so handle it with care and put it in a safe place carefully. It’s time to consider the connecting line between the lever and the flush valve. If the wire is too short or too long, the exhaust valve won’t work properly. If the cord is too long, the valve cover won’t be pull up and water won’t flow when you push and if the cord is too short then the valve will be open always and flow water even when you don’t pull the lever. It causes water splashing into the tub.
  • So, if the chain is too long, shorten the upper part of the chain by using a metal cutter and hook it back into the toilet lever after proper alignment. And if the chain is too short, remove the hook that is connected to the chain and the lever and move it up one or two steps to get the moderate length. Once you get it, hook it back in place.
  • Finally, check the flush valve to find any other additional problem. Observe if the flush valve of your toilet has discoloration, rotting, deformation or other unusual signs.

If you are facing running toilet issue then follow our guide on how to fix a running toilet.

  1. How to Fix a Leaky Toilet Tank:

If the flush valve isn’t the cause of your toilet leaking then it’s time to move to observe the next common cause. The possible next reason can be the water level. If the water level is too high then it overflows.

  • First, check the water level. The water keeps flowing when the tank is full. Observe the overflow pipe; in case, the water level is high, adjust the level by lowering the float ball. Make sure that the water level is at least 1 inch below the critical level.
  • Determine the float type you’re using. Basically, there are two popular float types, funnel-shaped float and float around. You can lower the water level totally by aligning the float pitch. There is a screw that connects the horizontal bar of the float ball with the valve on the top of the water supply valve. You can adjust the height of the float by screwing the screw. Both types of float work as same.
  • If the toilet is flowing continuously then check the water supply hose. The hose must be above the water surface always otherwise the water will flow. Make sure that the hose isn’t submerged in the water when the tank is full. If the supply hose is submerged, just cut a bit to get the tip of the pipe above the water surface.
  1. How to Fix a Leaky Toilet Valve:

Once you checked and repaired the flush valve and the water level, it’s time to check the water supply valve if the toilet still isn’t working well.

  • The solution of damaged water supply valve is to replace it. For this, you need to drain the water to turn the water flowing off to the toilet.
  • Next, lock the water flow and remove the main water supply valve in the tank. Now, find a replacement valve in a specialized store. Make sure that you get the same style and size as the old one which is damaged. Then install the new one and connect to the water source. You can check the feed valve and consider the water level by opening the water up to fill the water tank. Make sure the supply pipe isn’t submerged and everything is stable.
  • Squeeze to flush the toilet several times and wait for the container to be filled up and check everything again if everything is OK.
  • Once you fix the toilet bowl successfully and the water is no longer leaked; close the lid of the tank carefully.
  1. How to Fix a Leaky Toilet Flapper:

While fixing a leaky toilet, inspecting the toilet flapper is also important.

  • If the toilet flapper is more than 5 years old, then it’s a clever idea to replace it.
  • If the is less than 5 years old, you should check that after a period of time for debris. Check the rubber surface and clean it if necessary. Make sure the chain isn’t too straight. Cut the excess chain if needed.

We discussed some common and possible causes and solutions for toilet leaking. Hope this guide will help you out to fix up your leaky toilet. If you want to prevent poop from sticking the toilet bowl, follow this linked article. If you need any further help then hesitate to let us know. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with proper solution.


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