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If I go ahead and ask you this, “When was the last time you cleaned your bathroom?” It won’t be that hard to answer now, will it? Probably you cleaned it this week, maybe even yesterday. But if I specifically ask you when was the last time you cleaned your shower head? For a large number of people out there the answer might be, ‘Never’(!). Trust me, that’s really not a good thing! That’s why today I’m here to tell you how to clean a shower head with bleach.


Why do you need to clean your shower head more often?

Now it’s really common for most of us to not even think about having to clean the shower heads. Why? It’s really simple. Unlike the bathtubs, toilet, or even floor the shower head doesn’t show its dirt. But trust me, if you’ve never cleaned your shower head and been using the same shower head for a long time, then it’s very much likely that it’s filled with filth like tiny mineral debris and organic matters that flow with the water. Over time this debris piles up and clogs the holes of a shower head. If you’ve been irritated with the sudden drop on water pressure of irregular flowing pattern, then I strongly suggest you to check the shower head. 

That’s not it. These debris and dirt can also give shelter to many types of bacteria, especially if you live in a hot and humid environment. This could even trigger you’re an allergic reaction. 

How does a shower head usually get dirty? 

Before I go ahead and explain how to clean your shower head with bleach, let me first tell you briefly how your shower head actually gets dirty. Shower heads can get dirty for several reasons.

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Dirty Shower Head

  • Water Organics: There are tons of tiny organics in our regular water. Even after refining, these organics don’t go away completely. These water organics get stuck on the holes of your shower head. And as time goes by, the accumulation gets large enough to cause problems. 
  • Water debris and minerals: Apart from the water organics, there might be tiny debris and minerals in your water. These also take a lot of time to be large enough to clog the holes of your shower head. But then again, we don’t really clean the shower head regularly. 

These organics, minerals and debris are so tiny that even the refineries can’t completely get rid of it. We’re stuck with these. But the good news is these organics, debris or minerals aren’t really that harmful for us as long as we keep everything regularly cleaned. And by regularly I mean only 3-4 times a year.

How to clean a shower head with bleach

You can wash your shower head through different processes. You can clean a shower head with bleach, vinegar, lemon juice. In this article, we will explain about bleach benefits.

Why Bleach to clean a shower head?

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Clean your shower head regularly

Before we jump into the process, first of let’s discuss briefly why you should consider using bleach to clean your shower head. Bleach is a tremendous disinfectant. It has been used for industrial purposes for a long time now. And it’s almost always available at a cheap and reasonable price. Maybe you already have bleach in your home for other purposes.

Water debris, minerals, and other organics may give shelter to a lot of germs and bacteria. By using bleach you’ll not only clean the shower head entirely, but you will also be able to make sure that all those germs and bacteria are dead.  

Steps to clean a shower head with bleach


Preparing the bathroom and maintaining safety measures before using bleach:

  • Bleach is a very powerful oxidizing chemical. So if it comes in contact with any colorful clothes, fabric, or even your hair then it may cause harm to their color. So make sure you’re wearing hand gloves and covering your hair with something. You can wear your shower cap to protect your hair. Keep all the clothes outside of the shower.  
  • Bleach has a powerful fume that can cause harm if it reaches your lungs. Use a proper face mask and keep the windows open to have proper ventilation. If there’s no window in your bathroom keep your doors open.  
  • While using the bleach, if some bleach falls on your skin then rinse it properly with fresh water. 
  • Remove all your skin care products such as; soap, shampoo, lotion etc. You don’t want any of them to come in contact with bleach before you use them again.


Making the proper solution:

You can simply mix the bleaching powder with water to make the solution. The ratio of bleach and water should be 1:1 in order to make the perfect solution.

Scrubbing the shower head:

Now put the solution in a small bucket and scrub the shower head. You can also put the solution in a spraying bottle and spray it on your shower head. But for better results, you should scrub the shower head properly. If you use a napkin to scrub the shower head using your own hands, then you must wear proper hand gloves. You can also use a brush or sponge to scrub it.    


Soaking the shower head:

If you find your shower head way too dirty, then you should soak it for at least 3-4 hours. You can do it in your bucket by detaching the shower head. But if you don’t want to detach the shower head, then you can take a small plastic bag and put some bleach inside the bag and then attach it with your shower head.


Wash the shower head properly:

After you’re done scrubbing or soaking your shower head, rinse it with fresh water. Rinse the shower head and then the entire bathroom properly to make sure that no residue of bleach is remaining there.

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Final Words 

So folks, this was my opinion on how to clean a shower head with bleach. I hope it helps you. Keeping your bathroom properly clean is very important in order to enjoy a healthy life. Sometimes we don’t really care for the small details like cleaning the shower head or the jet spray. But we should be careful about them too. Cleaning them at least 3-4 times a year will be enough. Using bleach to clean the bathroom is really easy as it’s available. But you should always maintain precautions and safety measures.

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