Best Composting Toilets in 2020 (Comparison & Review)

Imagine yourself to be a nature enthusiast, a gardener and think what you can do from your side to save the nature. If you have thought thoroughly about it, the idea of composting toilets might have hit you. In this article, we are going to cover everything that you need to know about composting toilets. There will also be a list that consists of 5 best composting toilet reviews.

Let me tell you, you can find thousands of other articles regarding composting toilets, but in this article, you will have a thorough review about which composting toilets you can buy, their pros and cons, how to maintain them and some other frequently asked questions. So, this here is the complete package for you if you want to buy the best composting toilet for RV or for a regular usage.

To write this article, we had to do a vast research for over a month. Because let’s face it, the internet has thousands of composting toilets to offer. We have read almost thousands of reviews and user experiences and then created this article with a bulk of data. This list is not so big.

Here are the 5 best composting toilets that you can find today on the internet.

5 Best Composting Toilets for You to Use Indoor & Outdoor

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet (Self-contained)

This product of the USA is currently one of the best selling composting toilets on the internet. This one is produced for comfort. So if you’re looking for a composting toilet for your cabin, this one might be the one.BEST-COMPOSTING-TOILETS

The best specification of a toilet with this design is that it’s very handy and easily can be carried around in an RV, in a Boat and also can be carried and installed temporarily in a cabin and taken back as well. The portability might feel like it will not give you enough storage to make easy use of it, but these self-containing ones are suitable for 2 persons and can be used relentlessly for up to 6 weeks. That’s why Nature’s head is one of the best portable composting toilets right now in the market.


  •  Size: This toilet has a dimension of 22 x 20.5 x 21.7 inches and a weight of 28 pounds. The design is a bit elongated so that one can enjoy their time sitting on one of these. And it’s almost as light as the regular ones and takes a very small space. So, anyone can carry it to anywhere.
  •  Body: To be honest, this particular toilet was designed for marine use. That’s why it has a very burly look and all the hardware are of stainless steel.  The air circulation fan (low volume) placed into the head has the extra benefit of reprocessing the air in your toilet which supports to make your environment smell better than usual.
  •  Accessories: It comes with a vent hose and an 18” fan which helps you to get rid of the foul smell easily and keep your environment fresh. Also, it contains liquid bottles with cap, Allen wrench to set up the toilet, Spray bottle and 5 feet long 1 and a half inches wide hose.
  •  Warranty: This toilet comes with a warranty card. Though it’s not mentioned how long the warranty is but a toilet of this quality might not require any warranty. Because maximum products produced by Nature’s head has an exceptional quality.
  • Unique Features: This specific product has a spider handle which is very different from other similar products. Because of its comparatively smaller dimension, it can be carried anywhere and everywhere.


  • The size is compact and the weight is less than usual toilets.
  • Contains the necessary accessories.
  • All hardware is stainless steel.
  • Comes with a warranty card.
  • Designis very burly and stylish.


  • Only available is one color, no color variations.

Sun-Mar Excel Self-Contained Composting Toilet

If you are looking for a composting toilet for your residential use, then this one’s perfect for you. Without wasting any electricity, this toilet organically turns the substance to safe soil fertilizer. 2-3 persons can use it ideally at home. And 5-7 people can use at weekends in a cabin. Which means it doesn’t have a large storage for turning waste into fertilizers. But the best part is that it’s stylish and does everything in an odorless and organic way.

Let’s have a look at its features:sun-mar_excel_non-electric_self-contained_composting_toilet_2


  • Size: This product has a dimension of 33 x 22 1/2 x 32(in). This makes it quite a big toilet. So, this one is specifically suitable for residential use rather than outdoor and on the go usage. This is not one of the best composting toilets for your RV but surely a suitable one for your cabin where you can spend the weekend with friends or family.
  • Body: This toilet is humongous. It has a weight of 90 pounds! It’s three times heavier than the previous one. This makes it very much difficult to move along.
  • Accessories: There’s a venting kit included with the toilet. This helps you to vent the odor that ruins the environment around you. On the other hand, you can have a fertilizer production without any bad smell.
  • Warranty: The Company provides you with 5 years of warranty. Being a completely non-electrical DIY composting toilet, it does not need much of a maintenance more than washing it and cleaning it properly.
  • Unique Features: The unique feature of this product is that it is a non-electrical composting unit. Being non-electrical, it chooses the most organic way to turn human substances into fertilizer that you can use for gardening.


  • It is non-electrical so saves electricity.
  • Comes with a12 voltvent to keep it smell free.
  • Makes it more user-friendly than other competitors because it’s bigger than others.
  • Keeps the environment odorless.


  • Due to its large size, it cannot be used in an RV.
  • It is one of the heaviest of its kind.
  • Not very moving friendly.

SeparettVilla 9215 AC/DC

Having the most unique and classy name, the Villa 9215 AC/DC is one of the newest players in the game. It was introduced in 2018 in the US market. Being a waterless composting toilet, it gathered almost every composting toilet user’s attraction towards it. The most fascinating thing about this toilet is that it has multiple adaptors to be used in both AC electricity supply and DC electricity supply, which means if you want to move to a place where there’s no electricity, this one is the ideal one for you.villa

Also, there’s a separate system installed for urination. The idea of this composting toilet is to keep the composting and toilet usage separate. You can use this toilet to capture your solid waste and urine separately and turn the solid waste into fertilizer using a composter.

Here are the features it offers:


  • Size: Having a small dimension of 18.5 x 23 x 27.75 inch, this one is the handiest and moveable toilets of all. The seat is elongated and the weight is pretty much adjusted with the size. It only weighs about 34 pounds.
  • Body: The body of the toilet is designed in such a way that it does not mix urines with other waste. The urine is separated in a drain. The drain is plumbed into a system of grey water or a holding tank. And the solid waste is saved in solid waste bags.
  • Accessories: It comes with a 20 feet long AC/DC adaptor, a separate venting fan with 3 years warranty, 10 solid waste bags, 1 waste container with lid and all the necessary parts to properly use the design.
  • Warranty: There’s a problem with the warranty. The company provides 5 years of manufacturing defect warranty. To be honest manufacturing defects can be understood in the first week or so, it doesn’t require a warranty of five years to find out a manufacturing problem. That’s why the warranty is pretty much useless.
  • Unique Features: The unique feature of the toilet is the toilet itself. The idea of changing the genre of composting toilets and creating a state of the art technology to separate solid waste and urine is actually a remarkable setting that you cannot expect from a composting toilet whatsoever.


  • This has a new type of technology to change the whole composting system in toilets.
  • It has a lot of accessories to make the work easier.
  • Separates the wastes into different bags so that it remains intact till it’s turned to compost.
  • Can be used both in AC and DC electricity supply by the change of an adaptor.
  • Ideal for carrying everywhere.


  • Requires the user to have a separate composter.
  • It’s kind of obvious that one has to carry the waste container and have a greywater system.

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet with Spider Handle

Composting toilets were an obsolete idea back in the time when people didn’t know how they could turn waste into fertilizers easily. Back then, many people tried to act by the concept of creating many composting toilet designs, also they promised that those will work. But alas! A lot of composting toilet designs failed, thus creating a bad impression to all the users who are eco-friendly.Nature's Head Composting Toilet with Spider Handle

But then, Nature head came up with a compact but well sized composting toilet that met all the customer satisfaction. That is this one. Due to its huge capacity and literally zero maintenance and 5-minute easy clearing system, this toilet attracted everyone’s attention. And among those not-working toilets, this one worked pretty well. So it became one of the best ones in the market.

Let’s find out what else makes it the best in business.


  • Size: Having a smaller dimension (17.8 x 17.8 x 21.5 inches)than its earlier models, this one is the ideal one for you to install in your RV. Also, being one of the lightest in the market, it’s very easy to carry and doesn’t make your vehicle heavier than usual. It only weighs 28 pounds. That means the spider-2 is actually lighter than the previous one.
  • Body: The reason for its lightweight is that it’s made of plastic. Being a plastic product, and a very small in dimension body ratio, it can easily carry waste for up to 6 weeks for two people. This makes this granite colored composting toilet one of the highest capacity composting toilets right now in the market.
  • Accessories: Comes with as usual accessories that are provided with the previous model like adaptors, cable, etc. But one thing that this does not include is a battery. It runs directly on 12v DC electricity.
  • Warranty: Comes with a 5 years manufacturer defect warranty. Manufacturers say that the installation process is so easy that any inexperienced handyman can install this in a short time and it does not require any types of maintenance. And also it’s odor-free.
  • Unique Features: The most unique feature of this is that you can almost last an entire summer for two people with this toilet. And unlike some models, this does not give raw materials, it directly produces compost that can be used right away in your garden.


  • It is very easy to install.
  • Tank cleans in 5 minutes.
  • It does not require much of maintenance.
  • Has quite a huge storage space


  • The plastic body might cause it to break under pressure or if dropped.

Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle

Now if you don’t want any spider handle or any fancy stuff, the standard handle dry composting toilet is what you want. This one kind of has an innovative design. The crank handle is like an agitator which makes the composting a lot faster than other toilets. You can urinate in it because it will be self diverted and the whole process of composting is waterless.

It’s even lighter than the spider-2, so what you can do is use it on your boat. But being light and made of plastic doesn’t make it prone to breaking. No, Sir. This one has a pretty robust design and can outcome the hardest situations.


  •  Size: Slightly larger in dimension(19.8 x 20.8 x 20.5 inches) than its buddy, spider-2, it is 0.8 pounds lighter. Making it even more user-friendly. But it quite does not have as much storage as the previous one.
  • Body: The plastic made body gives it lightweight but the body is very solid and robust. That makes it one of the toughest yet light-weight toilets there ever is.
  • Accessories: Comes with a 5’ long hose and all the usual accessories like adaptor and cable. It does not require a fan.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer’s warranty is of 5 years. But the agitating build of the toilet makes it very hard to break and ask for any kind of maintenance.
  • Unique Features: The unique feature of this toilet is that the composting of the waste is faster than usual, because of the standard crank handle. If you don’t mind having less storage but faster composting, this one’s the right one for you.


  • Very light-weight.
  • Easy installation.
  • Makes urine separated from the waste to start a dry process of composting.


  • Storage is less.
  • Only available in one color.

How to Buy the Best Composting Toilet for Flexible Usage?

If you want to buy a composting toilet, first you have to understand where and for how many days you will use it. And also there are many other criteria that need to be fulfilled. So, there’s a lot to think about before buying one. You might find the price to be an issue. Because all of these are nearly evenly priced.

So, the price here is not an issue. The issue is the specification, the features, the pros and cons. The quality of the product has to be top class because you’ll be spending almost a thousand bucks. So, proper measurement is required. So this is the ultimate buying guide for composting toilets.

Let’s dive in:

Types of Composting Toilets

There are basically two types of composting toilets

  • Self-contained Composting Toilets
  • Central Composting Toilet Systems

1. Self-contained Composting Toilets

Self-contained composting toilets are again of two kinds

  • Electrical
  • Non-electrical

Advantages of Self-contained Composting Toilets:

  1. It Does not Require Plumbing: Being a waterless toilet, it does not require any plumbing at all. That’s why the installation is easy and anyone can do it. And you only need to assemble the vent stack that comes with the unit.
  2. Cheaper than the central system: Central units require having more than one toilet, but self-containing toilets are independent and can work separately. So, it saves a lot of money.
  3. Easy to Clean: All self-containing toilets have an added bowl underneath its mechanism. It can be taken out and cleaned whenever necessary.
  4. Attractive look: Unlike central systems, these toilets have a better look and better finishing. That makes your bathroom look great.
  5. Approvals Are not Required: As it’s just one toilet, not a whole system, it will not require for you to take an approval from the authority before installing it. All you have to do is buying and install it at home.
  6. Easy to carry: These toilets are very easy to install in RVs and in cabins and even in boats. So, that means these are easier to carry and very lightweight.


  1. Some are plastic made and can break easily.
  2. Some are heavy, so cannot be carried outside
  3. Lacks efficiency, central system is more efficient for compost production
  4. The mechanism, if not produced properly, fails a lot of times.
  5. There are no steady technologies for self-containing composting toilets yet.

2. Central Composting Toilet Systems

There are basically two types of central composting toilet system

  • 1 Pint Flush
  • Waterless


  1. Efficiency: Central Composting toilet system is actually an efficient system that 100% properly turns waste into compost.
  2. Cover a Whole Home: The system can be used in a home. One system can turn all the wastes into fertilizers.
  3. Eco-Friendliness: The process is very eco-friendly and saves the environment undeniably.


  1. Can only be installed in-house.
  2. Not for outdoor usage.
  3. Cannot be carried anywhere.
  4. Very expensive.
  5. Requires an approval.
  6. Requires the change of the total wastage system of the house.


If you are not a farmer in profession, or if you not want to sell fertilizers, you may not want to get the central composting system. Also, if you want to go outside and use your composting toilets there, you have to have a self-containing toilet.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to waste your money then obviously you should go for the self-containing ones. Otherwise, it’s just throwing money into the garbage. Because, if you don’t plan on doing gardening at a professional level to sell gardening goods and have to save your fertilizer money, only then you can get the central system. Otherwise, you should buy any self-containing toilets.

Why Choosing the Best Composting Toilet is Important For you?

Just like buying anything else, you cannot just go and buy one composting toilet and change it whenever you prefer. Because it can cost more than a thousand dollars and a thousand dollars is a lot of money. So, it is important for you to choose the right thing for you so that you can actually make the best use of the product bought in the least amount of money.

Let me give you some pointers on why you need to buy the best composting toilets for you:

  • They are very durable and can be used up to 25 years a piece without any issue or problem. If there’s no manufacturing defect, it can surely serve you for a lot longer time. But that will happen only if you buy the correct and the best one.
  • They will have the necessary storage you need according to your usage. Because you might go on a road trip for a week or two if there’s not enough storage you will be facing a lot of problems.
  • The best made composting toilets only will take 5 minutes for you to clean them yourself.
  • Those will not require any maintenance as they will be self-containing and ventilating themselves
  • They will be completely odorless which is good for your home environment.
  • It will only take you a short period of time to install one of these composting toilets.
  • These products will have a warranty of about 5 years. Even if you find a defect in 4 years and 11 months, you will get either free maintenance or, if unfixable, a brand new toilet.
  • The price range will be suitable for you to buy.
  • You will be able to carry them in a small space.

So there are a lot of advantages and benefits of buying one of the best composting toilets from our list.

Maintenance of Your Composting Toilet

As I said earlier, you will not require any technical maintenance. But to keep your product workable for a long time, you yourself can do the following maintenances

  • Clean the exterior of the toilet to make sure it doesn’t get a dirty outlook.
  • Take out the separable waste bowl and clean it after the composting. In this way, your machine will remain clean.
  • If possible check the build of installation after 2-3 months or so. The installation being easy, you will do yourself. A routine check will keep the device fit for a long time.
  • In electrical models, check the electricity adaptor and the cables to make sure the wirings are okay. Thus there’s no chance of creating short-circuit because It might result in destroying the product.

What Is The Best Composting Toilet On The Market?

According to our research and user reviews, Nature’s Head Self-contained Composting Toilet is currently the best composting toilet on the market based on features and price. This one is highly portable which makes it one of the best composting toilet for cabin usage.

Though being portable, there is no reason to think that it is less durable. All the hardware of this toilet is made of stainless steel. Thanks to the low volume air circulation fan, there is no chance of any bad odor in the air.

Can You Use Toilet Paper With A Composting Toilet?

Yes, of course. The paper is the source of carbon for the compost. And it’s not required to use any special kind of carbon for this job. You can use regular toilet papers in any composting toilet.

Can You Pee In A Composting Toilet?

Yes, but depending on the design. If the toilet is urine diverting, you can pee in the composting toilet as many times as you want. But if it’s not urine diverting, you might not be able to pee in the toilet as much as you want. Because composting needs a specific amount of moisture. If excess, the amount of pure fertilizer will be less and the process will be disturbed.

Do Composting Toilets Smell Bad?

No, but it depends on the pressure. If there is a constant negative pressure inside the unit, it will not smell bad. Also, some toilets have an external fan to take to the smell from the unit. Most of the composting toilets mentioned in this review are odorless due to their design.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much does a composting toilet cost?

A central composting toilet system can cost starting from $2,000 up to $8,000. While the regular toilets range in about a $100, self-containing composting toilets can range up to $2,000. But the above mentioned best five are the best according to prices. The lowest price in the list above is about $900+.

  • Do composting toilets work well?

Yes, but according to some user experience from 3-4 years back, composting toilets usually had manufacturing issues and didn’t work properly. But in recent times, they work just fine and properly if used properly. One cannot expect a mechanism to work properly if he’s not using it properly. So, if you want to get a composting toilet, make sure you know how to make the best use of it.

Final Words

We hope by now you have already made a decision on which composting toilet you want to buy after going through our list of 5 best composting toilets with their detailed features and pros/cons. Also, we have added a buying guide for you that contains the advantage and disadvantages of both types of composting toilets. It will help you to choose the best composting toilet within a limited budget.

We have given a rank of the listed five best composting toilets for you to make a choice. Also, we have answered about what benefits you will get from buying one of the best composting toilets. Though these toilets don’t require any mechanical maintenance, we have given you some tips about how can you keep your composting toilet better and workable for a longer time. And at the end, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions for you to know all the necessary details.

We hope that using this thorough review and added buying guide, you will be able to buy the best composting toilet of your choice. And following the maintenance guide, you can have the best usage of your toilet for the longest period of time.

Thank you for giving time to read such a long post. If you want to find more reviews and buying guides on different products, stay tuned. We appreciate your presence.

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